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Stay away from all kinds of subdomains

February 25, 2016

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To begin with – what is a subdomain?

One example is when you sign up for a new account on and create your own blog there.

So, why is this a bad idea?

It is a bad idea because your business has no form av control, so if something bad happens everything can be lost and your business will be really screwed.

Get your own domain!

What you should do is to get your own domain and install WordPress on that domain. It will give your business the control you need. At the same time you can update your blog when you want to without being controlled by WordPress. When you have your own domain and your own blog you have control over the search engine optimization (SEO).

This is very important because a subdomain never get ranked as high as any regular website.  If you have your own domain and keep it updated consistently you will be able to rank much higher on Google.

That´s why your business should stay away from having your blog on a subdomain! (Loop.2016:105-106).