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Reach on social media

March 22, 2017

Social media and SEO is very important. That´s why you need to follow all the rules of SEO so you don´t end up getting punished by Google.
Another thing to think about for your business is the audience. Who do you want to reach and which platform are they on.

Hashtags (#) are also very helpful because some people use hashtags when they search for information or what is trending right now.

What i have notice on social media is that language is very important, so
that´s why i use english when i am an Twitter and Instagram to reach my audience.

If i stick to using swedish on Twitter the reach is not very good, but when i change to english it works a lot better. The same can be said about Instagram where i now have several followers from the english speaking parts of the world when i am writing about social media and search engine optimization.

reach on social media


What to not post on social media!

July 11, 2016

Online safety

In the new book My Social Media for Seniors, Michael Miller presents some very useful advice about posting on social media.

1. If you don´t have anything valuable to say don´t post it.

2. Never pick a fight.

3. If something might be used against you it´s important to not post it on social media.

4. Personal information should be kept private and that´s why you should keep it that way.

5. If you are in a bad mood or angry about something that should be kept away from social media.

6. Your telephone number or other personal contact information should never be published on social media.

7. Be careful about what you share when it comes to telling everyone where you are all the time.

8. Never publish Hoaxes, rumors or so called urban legends.

9. If you have taken photographs, never post them on social media before asking the persons on your photos for permission.

10. All kinds of sensitive information should be avoided when it comes to posting on social media.



Forskning om Twitter

November 23, 2015


Forskning som genomförts vid Cornell University i samarbete med Yahoo har kommit fram till att Twitter domineras av ett fåtal spelare. Det handlar om att hälften av alla Tweets kommer från så kallade elitanvändare, och dessa är ungefär 20.000 till antalet.

Dessa elitanvändare är för det mesta kändisar eller personer som jobbar för olika mediaorganisationer (Taras.2015:177).

Bloggen har bytt namn och plats – The blog has been renamed

March 10, 2015

Hej min blogg har nu bytt namn på grund av SEO-reglerna som tillämpas av Google.

Hi friends and followers, my blog has been renamed due to the SEO-rules at Google.

Här hittar ni mig nu – here you will find the updated blog:

profil 3

Connect to Alltop – get more traffic

January 19, 2015

In the new book The Art of Social Media – Power Tips for Power Users, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick recommends all of us to connect our blog to Alltop to get more traffic to our blog. This is very easy to do, you only need to submit your blog´s RSS feed to get into Alltop (Kawasaki & Fitzpatrick.2014:58).

Here you can find the link to Alltop:

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