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What to not post on social media!

July 11, 2016

Online safety

In the new book My Social Media for Seniors, Michael Miller presents some very useful advice about posting on social media.

1. If you don´t have anything valuable to say don´t post it.

2. Never pick a fight.

3. If something might be used against you it´s important to not post it on social media.

4. Personal information should be kept private and that´s why you should keep it that way.

5. If you are in a bad mood or angry about something that should be kept away from social media.

6. Your telephone number or other personal contact information should never be published on social media.

7. Be careful about what you share when it comes to telling everyone where you are all the time.

8. Never publish Hoaxes, rumors or so called urban legends.

9. If you have taken photographs, never post them on social media before asking the persons on your photos for permission.

10. All kinds of sensitive information should be avoided when it comes to posting on social media.