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Intolerance comes from the left

February 2, 2017

I am reading the book The Closing of the Liberal Mind – How Groupthink and intolerance define the left” written by Kim R. Holmes.

In this interesting book he shows us that the political intolerance is a very serious problem. Way back in 2013 the book “The Intolerance of Tolerance” was written. In that book the Canadian theologian D.A. Carson told us that it was not the christians that stood behind the intolerance but secular Liberals. This group have become even more radical and intolerant towards christians.Carson also argues that there is a problem with chauvinism in America, and it´s not about religious extemism or the conservative right. This chauvinism instead comes from the left. So who is spreading this like a wildfire? It happens to come from political leaders, public officials, reachers, intellectuals and famous celebrities, and from the major voices of the U.S. media (Holmes.2016:86).