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Meetings face to face are important

January 29, 2017

People spend a lot of time online instead of being outside together with other people. When people don´t meet other people they can be misled or manipulated by other people online. It´s also a problem that might lead to the spreading of propaganda, prejudice, intolerance or hate.

So, people need to get out much more and meet new and inspiring people who can help them move forward. Almost all jobs will be found in different networks, and that´s why meetings are so important. Meeting new people with different experiences who can show you in which direction to move.

It´s so important to be open minded and to not let politicians or the media tell you what to say or what to think. Make up your own mind by being outside in the real world where you can see with your own eyes what is happening.

A very good way of meeting new people is to attend different events or participate in different courses. Education is a great way of meeting new and interesting individuals.

Being active on social media is also a very good way of meeting new people from different parts of the worlds. There are many good groups to join where you can find a lot of inspiration.