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Sensitivity Training – the american way!

May 24, 2017

Do you know that in America the employers can force you to take part in sensitivity training seminars. So, what happens if you refuse?

What really happens is that you might loose your job or even miss out on being promoted. This sensitivity training can be compared to some of the more brutal things that they did in China, which was a form av reeducation camps introduced by the communist regime.

In America, sensitivity training is used by universities, workplaces and the armed forces.

The major problem with the sensitivity training is that it is all about controversial moral issues.

The sensitivity training is part of something bigger and it all comes from the political left, also known as progressives or postmodernists.

What do the progressives / postmodernists believe? According to Kim R. Holmes and her book The Closing of the Liberal Mind – How Groupthink and intolerance define the left, the postmodernists / the progressives believe that anything that has ever happened in the past has nothing to do with them. They do this because according to the postmodernists every day is a new day and history is irrelevant to them (Holmes.2016:100).

progressives and sensitivity training