President Bush´s legal advisors

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If we want to understand anything of the things that happened after 9/11 – 2001, we have to take a closer look at President Bush´s advisors and how they reacted.

Bush´s legal team went more or less into overdriver. One person who we have to take a closer look at is David Addington. He is a lawyer and specialist in national security law. Together with Vice President Dick Cheney he started a discussion about how far the Administration could go when it comes to extending the  president´s war powers.

He was joined by other advisors with very conservative views, among them John Yoo and Timothy Flanigan. What we have to underatand is that both John Yoo and Timothy Flanigan believed in reestablishing the very conservative interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. According to this kind of interpretation, the U.S. President can more or less wage war  unilaterally.

David Addington happened to believe that the U.S. President as commander in chief can disregard earlier known legal boundaries if national security demands it.

Even vice president Dick Cheney took a very conservative standpoint and argued that the detainees will get the treatment that we as conservatives believe that they deserve. What they really want to do is to remove all the rights that normal prisoners have. In this case the argued that the unlawful combatants don´t deserve to be treated like normal prisoners of war. Instead the Bush administration created a new paradigm and designated the captured combatants from Afghanistan “illegal enemy combatants”.

This created a completely new climate and other countries protested against this designation, because it is a violation of the Geneva Conventions (Mayer.2009:46-56).

Bush and his advisors


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