The Iran Nuclear Deal

We are living in a very unstable world. There are so many players and different interests. Just look at the situation in the Middle East. When America decided to leave parts of the region it caused a major vacuum, and Iran used this situation.

When angry people participating in a mob attacked the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the response from Saudi Arabia was to cut of the diplomatic ties with Iran.

Just a few days later Sudan and Bahrain did the same thing, and at the same time the United Arab Emirates decided to  downgrade the diplomatic ties with Iran.

Earlier Iran have been held in check because of international sanctions related to accusations about development of nuclear weapons.

But under the Obama Administration President Obama decided to negotiate with Iran, but he did not do it in a way that is open and transparent. Instead he used different back channels. He ordered one of his senior advisors, Valerie Jarrett to take care of the negotiations.

When we look at the results of these negotiations, it is obvious that America was not the winner. Iran got everything they wanted and they gave almost nothing in return to America and the other countries taking part in this negotation. The sanctions against Iran was lifted and at the same time Iran go lots of hard currency from the west. Money that earlier was unavailable because of the international sanctions. By liften the sanctions Iran will now receive 150 billion dollars (Sekulow.2016:10-11).

radikal islam som säkerhetspolitiskt hot


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