Writing for a global audience

Good evening!

When i view different statistics from different platforms its so obvious that all kinds of businesses needs to focus on the global audience and to have a website in English.

What i also can see is that when they write only in the national language they have a problem reaching a larger audience. I can see that a lot of businesses in Sweden don´t understand the enormous potential in being active on Twitter and Instagram.

When you are active on a platform it is important that you update with new content regularly and that you focus on offering high quality content. You should also use videos and photos as part of your marketing effort. Another important part of your strategy is to work with your search engine optimization.

Local search is important but it depents on where your customers and potential customers are. If you want to sell your products and/or services you have to think and act in a way where you reach out beyond national borders.

You have to do your research and check where your customers and potential customers are. Choose social platform based on where your customers are, because you can´t be everywhere.

What i can see is that when i write in english on social media i receive a much better response. When i do the same thing in Swedish i don´t receive the same response.

That´s why i focus on the english speaking audience on Twitter and Instagram.


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