Reach on social media

Social media and SEO is very important. That´s why you need to follow all the rules of SEO so you don´t end up getting punished by Google.
Another thing to think about for your business is the audience. Who do you want to reach and which platform are they on.

Hashtags (#) are also very helpful because some people use hashtags when they search for information or what is trending right now.

What i have notice on social media is that language is very important, so
that´s why i use english when i am an Twitter and Instagram to reach my audience.

If i stick to using swedish on Twitter the reach is not very good, but when i change to english it works a lot better. The same can be said about Instagram where i now have several followers from the english speaking parts of the world when i am writing about social media and search engine optimization.

reach on social media


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