What is the sharing economy?

Economic freedom

Arun Sundararajan has written the new book The Sharing Economy – THe End of employment and the rise of crowd-based capitalism. 

In this new book she presents a very useful definition of the sharing economy which i want to share with you here on my blog.

The sharing economy which contains the following five characteristics:

“1.Largely market-based: the sharing economy creates markets that enable the exchange of goods and the emergence of new services, resulting in potentiallly higher levels of economic activity.

2. High-impact capital: the sharing economy opens new opportunities for everything, from assets and skills to time and money, to be used at levels closer to their full capacity.

3. Crowd-based “networks” rather than centralized institutions or hierarchies.

4. Blurring lines between the personal and the professional

5. Blurring lines between fully employed and casual labor, between independent and dependent employment, between work and leisure” (Sundararajan.2016:26-27).



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