A new Middle East – is it possible?


Is it even posssible to make any kind of changes in the Middle East when we look at what kinds of regimes exists in this part of the world

Paul Danahar has written the new book The New Middle East – The World After The Arab Spring. In this book he tells us that small changes are taking place. Among the changes we can see is that in some of these countries they are slowly turning away from old socialist ideologies like Baathism,  Pan-Arabism, and Zionism.

At the same time we can witness a new  and violent power struggle between sunni islam and shia islam. In Israel things are changing very slowly, among these changes we can see a growing religious divide.

There is a clear line between the regional powers of the Middle East, and these countries are divided along secterian lines according to Paul Danahar.

Religion has replaced nationalism and arabism as the dominating force (Danahar.2015:3).


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