To begin with social media is all about interaction between people. All of us who use social media for our communication with other people must be aware of the cultural differences between countries, continents and people. Research on Social Media have found that social media really changes our view of the world and other cultures. Chen (2012) argues that social media and intercultural communication mutually impacts one another, and he presents three different points:

(1) The Development of new media is influenced by culture

(2) Our culture and identity is influenced by the new media

(3) Intercultural communication is influenced by the development and use of
new digital media (Bonniwell Haslett.2014:66).

New social media and best be understood as a “group of Internet based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user generated content”

So, what is web 2.0? It contains several different tools, among them search engines, encyclopedias, videos, photo sharing, blogs, content communication, collaborative projects, virtual communities and social networking.

Social Media is developing with the speed of lightning, and today many of us are active on one or several social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube, Flickr. Social Networking is very popular today and research shows that 20% of our Internet time is spent on different social network sites by looging on from a Personal computer, and 30% of our Internet time we are logged on to social network sites through our mobile phones (Holt & Ching Chang.2014:102-103).

That cultural preferences and the law matters is obvious. Today several countries have created a national version of Facebook. In China its called Renren, and in Taiwan its called Wretch (Holt & Ching Chang.2014:105).


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