I have a dream, and that dream is to to find the right job and the right place for me. For me it is very important to have people with a positive attitude around me, and that they are inspiring.

I love being part of a team and to have people around me because i dont like to be alone all the time. A good and well paying job would be perfect for me, and i am willing to sit down and talk do many different employers in the public and the private sector.

When i am not working i love to read a lot of books, writing my blog, and i also enjoy going out to meet new people from all walks of life. I also love to listen to music, and some of my favourite radio stations online can be found in San Diego (California) and other parts of California. On my blog i write about the Internet, Social Media and the Law. Earlier in my life i have lived in and attended school in Madison (Wisconsin) and La Jolla (California), so i feel very much at home in the American culture.

When it comes to sporting events i love to watch NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball games. My favourite teams are the Los Angeles Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers.

So, i stand with one foot in the Swedish culture and the other foot in the American culture.

Right now i am looking for a new job or a new career, and i am willing to relocate so i can start over somewhere else. Because i believe that working is the right thing to do.

I can tell all of you that i am open minded and very friendly. So, i hope that many different kinds of employers will start communicating with me.

Yours sincerely

Mikael Drakenberg




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