Jill Walker Rettberg has written a great book about blogging, and it is called Blogging. In this book she tells us that blogging is very popular, and that allready in 2012 had registered more than 50 million blogs. At the same time more than 100.000 thousand blogs are created every day. (Walker Rettberg.2014:16).

What she also tells us are that not all bloggers are active, but there are differences depending on which country we are talking about. The World Internet Project have collected data from more than twenty diffent countries and that data shows that in the United Arab Emirate 20% of the people tend to update the blogs they write once a week, but statistics from Australia shows that only 5% of the people tend to update the blog they are writing once a week. In New Zeeland 95% of the population is not blogging, and in Sweden 94% of the population do not write a blog. In Mexico 62% av the population do not write a blog, and in Cyprus 61% av the population do not write a blog. (Walker Rettberg.2014:17).

According to Jill Walker Rettberg there are three different types of blogs, (1) personal blogs, (2) filter blogs, and (3) Topic-driven blogs. A personal blog is almost allways about a persons private life and some people like that very much. A filter blog is a blog where the blogger never writes about his or her offline private life. A filter blog can be blog that contains a lot of links to other blogs, but it can also be a blog about newsfindings, or a group blog. A topic-driven blog is a blog where the writer simply writes about what interest them. By writing a topic-driven blog you are not writing about a pre-defined topic (Walker Rettberg.2014:17-24).

One type of blog that is growing rather quickly now is the so called crafts blogs. This type of blog often focus on a pre-defined craft. Many of these blogs are about politics, news, and technology (Walker Rettberg.2014:26).



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