Honesty – character and personal integrity

Several authors have written books about Character and personal integrity. Much of this has to do with playing by the rules. But what many of these authors have found is that a lot of people don´t play by the rules, and therefore we can question these peoples character and integrity.

So, what do we mean by playing by the rules. It means that we as human beings follow and respect the the rules, norms, values and laws that are governing our society. When it comes to the law, nobody is above the law.

If you do everything by the book, there is no one who can question your character and personal integrity and be taken seriously.

In a moral society we have responsibility towards each other as human beings. We don´t turn our backs on people who have fallen on hard times. Instead we help them and reach out a helping hand to them.

To care for the less fortunate in life is a good example of what it means to show character. A very good example of this is the Garden of Dreams Foundation in New York.

Other good examples are the community outreach programs that many of the NHL teams and NBA teams have established all over North America. The NBA is also taking global responsibility through NBA cares.

Many of the NHL teams are actively helping sick children and their families, by donating time and money to Ronald McDonald House.


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