How to find new jobs and opportunities worldwide!.

To find the new jobs and to write a winning resume:

Recruiting and social media:

To create new jobs:

Sökmotorer – sökverktyg:

Finding and applying for jobs in Sweden:

Finding the hidden jobs in Sweden:

Svensk jobbportal –

Finding jobs in Stockholm in English:

Finding jobs in Sweden in English:

Information about working in Sweden:

Jobs for young people in Sweden:

Environmental jobs:

Lawjobs in Sweden:

Working in Malmö stad:

Working in the city of Gothenburg:!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gj42AT12AXYwMLcy9nA08fywBvJ6NQQwN3U_

Find and apply for jobs abroad:

Canada Jobs and Careers:

Finding jobs and employment in New Zealand

The best ways to find jobs and employment in London:

Find jobs in China:

Find jobs in Hong Kong:

Find the right job:


A very good tool to find jobs and employment abroad:

Platform in Swedish for finding jobs abroad:

Finding good employers who are hiring new workers:

Information about American visaregulations:

Information about Canadian visaregulations:

To live and work in Canada:

´The Swedish Embassy in Ottawa (Kanada):

Santif Group (Canada) – Job Placement Perfected:

A good tool to find jobs and employment in America:

Information about working in Australia:

Australia´s number one jobsight:

Mobile application for finding the hidden jobs:

Twitterbased searchengine to find the new jobs:

Governmental jobs in Australia:

Information about working in Finland:

Information about working in Denmark:

Sökverktyg för ungdomar och ungdomsjobb i Australien:

Mobile application for jobsearchers:

Information about working in Norway:

Finding employment in Germany:

Finding employment in Great Britain:

Cruiseship jobs:

Solarpower jobs:

Searchengine for young people:

Finding jobs for young people in Australia:

Finding jobs for young people in America:

Finding jobs with the help of Itunes:

Finding a job in America:

federal jobs in America:

How to find the right job:

The 100 best Job search Apps:


Windpower jobs:

A good tool to find jobs in America:


Freelance jobs:


More about finding jobs and employment abroad:


Academic jobs in the EU:

Healthcare jobs:

Jobs for truckers:

Careers for engineers:


Engineerjobs in Australien:


Global sports jobs:

Automotive jobs:

IT Jobboard:

Jobs in America:

Finding the best jobs in Hong Kong:

Business jobs:

Political jobs:

Recruitment jobs:

Human Resources jobs:

Global career opportunities:

Finding maritime jobs:

Finding jobs in “Greater New York”:

Finding jobs in “Los Angeles”:

Employment Development Department:

Jobs in Canada:

The best way to find real, relevant jobs:

New Radio Jobs:

New Television Jobs:

Quintessential careers – a good place to start:

Intelligence Analyst jobs:

Lobbying jobs:

University jobs:

Human Rights Jobs:

Law Jobs:

Marine recruitment:

Jobs to Careers search engine:

Eluta – The Search Engine For New Jobs In Canada:

Quicker jobs – finding your new career:

IT Hardware Support Jobs in India:

Finding your dream job:

Shipping Recruitment:

Simply hired – Canada:

Finding a job anywhere in the world

Glassdoor- an inside look at jobs & Companies:

Jobs in USA or Canada:

Employment Development Department – State of California:

Pilotjobs network:

Jobs for militaryveterans:

Crossroads Career network

Helping people find a new job –

Working in New Zealand

Helping ex-offenders find employment

How to find new jobs in India:

Internal careerpages for many different companies:

Holmen Paper:


Careers at Volvo Cars of North America:

Careers at SAAB Defense and Security:

Careers at Scandic Hotels:

Yahoo Careers:

Careers at General Motors:

Careers at Ford Motor Company:

Careers at Microsoft:

Careers at Asea Brown Boweri (ABB):

Careers at Scania:

Careers at Nokia:

Careers at Stora Enso:

Careers at SCA:

Careers at Ericsson:

Careers at Porsche:

Careers at BMW Group:

Jobs and careers at Combitech:

Jobs and careers at Bombardier:

Jobs and careers at Sony:

Careers at Hilton Hotels Worldwide:

Careers at Radisson Hotels:

Careers at Intercontinental Hotels Group:

Careers at IBM:

Careers at Apple:

Careers at Fujitsu Technologies:

Careers at Försvaretsradioanstalt:

Careers at Trelleborg AB:

Careers onboard the Cruiseship “The World”:

Careers at Alfa Laval:

Careers at Volvo Construction Equipment:

Careers at BAE Systems:

Careers at Axfood:

Careers at Vattenfall:

Careers at Boliden AB:

Careers at Bonnier AB:

Careers at Holmen Paper:

Careers at Electrolux (Europe):

Careers at Husqvarna Group:

Careers at LKAB:

Careers at Anschutz Entertainment Group ( AEG ) :

Careers at Modern Times Group:

Careers at Cargotec:

Careers at Citec:

Careers at Shell:

Careers at Siemens Global:

Careers at Bosch:

Careers at ESPN:

Careers at Siemens USA:

Careers at Ericsson:

Careers at Valmet Automotive/Metso Corporation:

Careers at Nokia:

Cooperation between the Academy and the labourmarket

Federal student work experience program:


From welfare to work

Workinglinks – United Kingdom:

Cincinnati works:

Civil Society Organizations





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