Angående klimatförändringar

I den rykande färska boken Global Politics – A New Introduction (Edkins & Zehfuss red.) så skriver Simon Dalby något mycket klokt angående klimatförändringar.

Han lyfter nämligen fram ett väldigt bra och illustrativt exempel där han resonerar som så att:

The recognition that human actions are inadvertently causing huge changes to the planet has been emphasised recently by the discussion of climate change. Climate change is a complicated process, but one that is now partly driven by human actions. The complexity arises because the atmospheric system and its links to both land and ocean involve numerous flows of energy and matter that vary with seasons and from place to place. Human actions change the land fairly directly, and so may cause direct effects; a black asphalt car park radiates heat on a sunny day very differently form the hayfield that it replaced. But by far the greatest change that humanity is introducing into the climate system is the addition of carbon dioxide, methane and other so called greenhouse gasses that trap heat within the atmosphere”. (Dalby.2014:42)


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