Förtalslagstiftning – Kanada

I Kanada är man mycket “hårdare” än Sverige angående förtal/defamation. Det spelar ingen roll om det är online eller offline. I section 298 i Criminal Code of Canada framgår nämligen klart och tydligt att: “(1) a defamatory libel is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published. (2) A defamatory libel may be expressed directly or by insinuation or irony. (a) in words legibly marked on any substance, or (b) by any object signifying a defamatory libel otherwise than by words. Section 299: A person publishes a libel when he

(a) exhibits it in public;

(b) causes it to be read or seen; or

(c) shows or delivers it, or causes it to be shown or delivered, with intent that it should be read or seen by the person whom it defames or by any other person”.

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