Tre klassiska ideologier!

Hej, nu tänkte jag fortsätta skriva om politik och demokrati , och även här utgår jag från den mycket välkända boken Canadian Democracy. Denna bok är skriven av Stephen Brooks som är Professor i statsvetenskap vid University of Windsor i Kanada.

Professor Brooks lyfter fram att det i princip finns tre klassiska ideologier, nämligen klassisk liberalism, klassisk konservatism och klassisk socialism.

Vad skiljer då dessa ideologier åt?.

Så här presenterar Stephen Brooks dessa ideologier:

Klassisk liberalism:

Classical liberalism – liberalism as understood until the middle of this century – was associated with freedom of religious choice and practice, free enterprise and free trade in the realm of economics, and freedom of expression and association in politics”.  (Brooks.2009:37)

Klassisk konservatism:

Classical conservatism was based on the importance of tradition. It accepted human inquality – social, political, and economic – as part of the natural order of things. Conservatives emphasized the importance of continuity with the past and the preservation of land and order. They were wary of innovation and opposed to such basic liberal reforms as equal political rights for all men. Unlike liberals, who located the source of all just rule in the people, conservatives maintained that god and tradition were the true founts of political authority”. (Brooks.2009:37)

Klassisk socialism:

Classical socialism was based on the principle of equality of condition, a radical egalitarianism that distinguished socialist doctrine from liberalism´s advocacy of equality of opportunity. Socialists supported a vastly greater role for the state in directing the economy, better working conditions and greater rights for workers vis- a-vis their employers, and reforms like public health care, unemployment insurance, income assistance for the indigent, public pensions, and universal access to public education that became the hallmarks of the twentieth-century welfare state”. (Brooks.2009:37)


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