Reaching out to the world by writing

Hi friends!.

Today i will write a few sentences about what i like to do.

I really like to write and to reach out to the world where i can meet new people. I also like to learn new things from other poeple because there is so much to learn.

I enjoy writing about law and social media, because there are a lot of problems in social media today. Harassment and bullying is everywhere in social media. Today if you go to the police to report abuse online, the police don´t take it very seriously in Sweden. People are being attacked on Facebook by fakeprofiles and it´t almost impossible to get any kind of help to stop it.

During the period September through December 2012 several well known women in Sweden have been attacke, harassed and bullied by a fakeprofile on Facebook under the name of Alex Othmani. But no authority is trying to help them, not even the policedepartment. Facebook is also very passive when it comes to put an end to this kind of behaviour. So, let´s help each other stop this kind of behaviour online and let´s make sure Facebook knows that we are very unhappy. Maybe we kan move to another social media platform if they don´t take this problem more seriously.

Other things that i like to write about is what is happening  abroad, and i try to inform the swedish people about what is happening in Canada because no swedish journalist or newspaper is covering Canada. I also like to write about sports, because i am very interested in following professional, junior and senior Ice Hockey in North America. I also like to write about basketball, because i have played junior basketball earlier in my life in my homecountry Sweden. I follow very closely what happens in the NBA now that we have to swedish player’s in the NBA …Jonas Jerebko (Detroit) and Jefferey Taylor (Charlotte). My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers. When it comes to Icehockey my favorite team is the Los Angeles Kings.

Earlier in my life i have lived in and attended school in Madison (Wisconsin) and La Jolla (California), so i feel very much at home all over the United States Of America.


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